As a university professor and a life long learner, I know what resources our students are missing in order to be college-ready. Our students deserve better than overcrowded classrooms and an overall lack of resources. I will work to:

  • Strengthen Magnet & Zoom school programs

  • Protect financial aid resources 

  • Expand trade schooling options

  • Reduce classroom sizes

  • Invest in STEM programs

  • Provide on-site mental health resources

  • Give our schools more flexibility to make decisions that work best for them


Our community needs access to healthcare that won’t send them into decades worth of bankruptcy. Our medical professionals need support and more resources. By working on the proposals below, we can improve the quality of healthcare for a healthier Nevada.

  • Improve our state’s Medicaid system

  • Increase behavioral health services

  • Decrease administrative costs by getting rid of red tape

  • Protect and expand research integrity

  • Create incentives to retain and increase the amount of healthcare professionals


Our families and children deserve to live in safe neighborhoods. No one should have to live in fear of being harmed. In addition to protecting our neighborhoods, our workplaces and other important properties, we need to focus on helping the homeless getting off the streets and on their feet. We can decrease vandalization and increase safety by:

  • Paying our public safety workers a fair wage

  • Introducing new technology that can detect crime

  • Strengthen community policing programs

  • Improve current wrap-around services

  • Connect those in need to the social services they qualify for


In a matter of weeks, thousands of Nevadans have lost their jobs because of the current health pandemic. As a result, our workers, our small businesses, and our families are suffering. We need leaders that will put our community above partisan politics and will keep us from being left behind. By making wise investments, we can put Nevadans back on their feet. I will work for and support:

  • Enhanced Job Training 

  • Improving Unemployment Insurance

  • Improving our tax code to help small businesses

  • Incentivizing businesses that invest our state and employ Nevadans

  • Diversifying our economy and our workforce

  • Nevada first approach for small business contracts

  • Disaster Preparedness plans to support small businesses


Let’s invest it in programs that will rehabilitate people and decrease administrative costs in our judicial system. We can:

  • Invest in mental health and rehabilitation programs

  • Confront the school-to-prison pipeline 

  • Break cycles of violence before they begin 

  • Transparency in judicial spending 

  • Make policing safer for the men and women in law enforcement


Protecting the environment isn’t just the right thing to do, but it’ll save us millions and bring good-paying jobs to Nevadans. We can focus on environmental protection while investing in renewable energy by:

  • Enhancing renewable energy benchmarks

  • Utilizing brownfield sites for developmental purposes 

  • Investing in green technology investment 

  • Investing in educational programs and job training for future jobs

  • Implementing Wildlife and public land protection proposals

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